Self taught graphic designer since 2006.

Currently working as a graphic designer for CSU East Bay's ASI Marketing Department.

I also have designed everything for PASA of CSUEB since 2010.

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I’m hella bored in class. And he’s my new favorite rapper ad-lib.

Lol I made this hella long ago. I needed to repost it.
Permalink Another oldie, but goodie. Also from early 2007.
Permalink Made this back in early 2007 when I was 15. 
One of my favorites still, but I’ve lost the original files to this.
Permalink Another recent poster.
This was made in April 2012.
Come support PASA of CSUEB and their 40th Annual Pilipino Cultural Night!
Permalink Here is something more recent I made for work.
To be more specific, March 2012.
SpringFest is THIS Saturday. Get your tickets.
Permalink Another oldie, circa 2007.
If I had to do this now, I’d definitely not use those two strokes or that text… or that giant transparent headphone in the background.
I still like it though.
Permalink Let’s take it back. This is one of the first wallpapers I ever made, circa 2006-07 or so.
Text sucks, but not bad for my first one ever.
And I used to go by “P0W3RBALLIN” back in those days.
Go Rockets!